• Jul 10

    i tried it about four months ago and it made me sooooo sick. at first i thought i just had the stomache flu because it was that time of year. i was throwing everything up and thats not the only place it was coming from if you catch my drift. after about two weeks i stopped.

    i saw it at the store again and decided to give it another try but this time i did the natural one. took it in the morning and by noon i was vomitting. i convinced myself that i was just sick and took it again that night at yesturday as well. but once again became very sick. i havnt taken any since last night (because i threw them away!) and i still feel sick. i lost 8lbs but not the way i was suposed to haha grosssss.

    if you have tried it, how was your experience? did it work? did you get sick?

    what are some other healthy supliments i can try to kickstart my weightloss?

  • Jul 5

    I’m trying to make sure I get all the nutrition I need and keep my energy levels up whilst losing weight. I dont eat meat but i eat fish, i find too many carbs/big meals make me lathargic so i’m trying to balance protein and carbs but i’m unsure what a serving is…30G dry weight rice/pasta? I’d prefer not to count calories and grams if i can help it as I get obsessed and it makes me ill! I’ve lost 3 and a half stone before but put some back on as i had a bereavement and comfort ate. I’ve also found that if I add a little fat to my food I feel more satisfied and less likely to reach for junk so i’m hoping to get enough good fat in there too!

    7.30am – 40g Museli and 200ml skimmed or soya milk
    1 boiled egg
    1 medium bannana
    10.30am – fruit and 1tbsp nuts in honey and l.f natural yog
    1pm – tuna sushi – 6 pieces home made and salad with a few olives OR 2 salad wraps OR tuna pasta salad 1tsp light mayo

    2-3pm gym: alt days cardio/weight
    3.30ish bannana

    between 6-7pm dinner: Tuna or cod steak and veg OR stuffed peppers with a little cheese OR home made veg curry without oil OR roast veg without oil OR quorn sausages with jacket potato and veg OR tina jacet potato and salad etc.

    9PM handful of berries and 200ml low fat natural yog.

    I drink 2lts of water a day and a some herbal teas, rarely drink coffee. I dont really like to eat bread or too much pasta as it affects my IBS.

    is it ok to have protein and carbs together?
    would you divide your plate into 1/3 protein, 1/3 carb and 1/3 veg at every meal?

    I’m trying to use the *handful* idea. 1 handful or whatever is a portion, so carbs, protein as big as ur fist each and 2 fistfuls of veg = 1 meal.

    I’m also trying to do more activity once my fitness gets a little better.

    does this programme sound ok – am i eating too much or too little? am i getting all the nutrition i need?

    Thanks for any advice and constructive comments!!!
    sorry, it took a while to type the rest! lol! here you have a complete weeks programme!!!

  • Jun 28

    I have seen many forums and discussion boards reporting hair loss from taking megadoses of B5. The cause is siad to be that B5 slows natural oil production which dries out the scalp and makes the hair come out. Question: Does anyone have any info on how the megadose affects Black peoples scalp and hair.

    Also, what methods should I take to prevent weightloss caused by megadose B5?

  • Jun 21

    I was just thinking while I was pouring my 6th cup of coffee this morning, which is better coffee or tea?

    So the question would be coffee or tea… both being without any additives, and with… I put a lot of cream and sugar into both so would it be better to switch to tea to help with weightloss?

    Now, I know that green tea boosts the matabolism, and coffee is a natural laxative, makes you pee and poo alot. but other than that what other health benefits do each offer?

    I mean I know that coffee is the drink of choice for us Americans and Tea for the Britains… but should I just throw out the whole Boston Tea Party rebellion and go back towards the mother country…LOL

  • Diet Food Backfire

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    Jun 14

    Trying to cut calories at that fourth-of-July barbecue? Diet foods may not be the answer. This ScienCentral News video explains why new research shows foods with no calories just aren’t as satisfying. www.sciencentral.com

  • Jun 12

    It is a natural supplement that is suppose to help naturally metabolize fat and add lean muscle mass, has anyone had any luck with it?

  • May 8

    I need some good tips or websites on just extra beatuty care.
    and whats goood for breakouts such as on you a—ss and legs.
    I also need some dieting help&eaxercisehelp.
    i have just bit of extra fat and i wanna lloose it soon.
    ANd natural beauty tips

  • Apr 30

    Where do you get the “awesome natural substance” that is mentioned in the book? I really really really wanna know so ttly thanks! Love ya all!

  • Apr 1

    The name should be something along the lines of all natural weightloss clinic and involving naturopath. It’s for my friends business and her boyfriend thinks they should name it “The Fat Factory”.

  • Mar 31